Maine Parent Federation: An Overview

By Robbin Pelletier

Maine Parent Federation is a private non-profit organization that provides information, referral, support and training to parents and professionals through numerous grant-funded projects. MPF’s roots go back to 1984, when a small but dynamic group of parents identified the need for an organization that would support and strengthen the voice of families of children with disabilities in Maine. It was this parent spark that marked the beginning of what would become Maine’s largest statewide parent organization.

MPF offers a variety of resources including a free lending library, quarterly Parent Connection newsletter, and a website: One of our newest resources is an online community: This interactive site offers families a way to connect to each other through a Parent Perspective message board, online trainings, state and national resources (including video resources), as well as publications on a wide variety of topics. Our Facebook page and twitter feed at MPF_Maine keep families up to date on the latest information and upcoming events. MPF’s Parent to Parent Program is another highly sought after resource which comes in the form of a one-to-one match with another parent whose child has experienced similar challenges. MPF also offers a variety of workshops which help participants increase their understanding of the family’s role in education.

MPF’s Project PRIME (Partners in Rehabilitation and Independence in Maine) promotes activities for parents of youth and young adults (age 14-26) who are in transition from school to the adult worlds of community living and vocational aspirations. The ultimate goal is to promote a sustained systemic emphasis on the services and partnerships necessary to assure that all Maine youth with disabilities reach their full potential.

Maine Parent Federation is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Families and individuals are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Maine Parent Federation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2067
Augusta, ME 04330-2067
1-800-870-7746 (In-State Only)
(207) 588-1933


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