Should You Get a Van Wheelchair Lift? by The Mobility Resource

A van wheelchair lift can be a great way to increase your mobility and freedom. It’s one of the most common, useful pieces of accessibility equipment. You could consider it the quintessential handicap van feature. But lifts are more expensive than ramps. Some even require structural modifications to your vehicle. So how do you know when it’s time to invest in this accessibility equipment?

Upgrading to a Van Wheelchair Lift 

Maybe you’ve been doing alright getting in and out of your van on your own. Maybe you’ve had assistance from a swiveling vehicle seat. There may have been a little pain or more exertion than you care for. If your condition or impairment is getting worse, if access is getting harder or if you’re becoming more reliant on your scooter or wheelchair, it’s possibly time to install a van wheelchair lift.

Or, perhaps you’ve been making do with a wheelchair ramp for entering and exiting your vehicle. If your chair is manual, it can become increasingly difficult to get up a ramp and to control it on the way down. If a caregiver pushes you up and down the ramp, its practicality depends on his or her continued ability to do so. For aging couples, for example, a ramp can become too much of a strain for the ambulatory person.

Photo of wheelchair van-lift

When to Get A Van Wheelchair Lift

When deciding whether it’s time for a van wheelchair lift, consider how often you need to take your wheelchair or scooter with you. If you’re becoming increasingly dependent on your mobility aid, your life will be much easier with a lift on your vehicle.

Lifts let you skip the struggle of getting in an out of the van or up and down a ramp. They make it convenient and effortless to take your wheelchair with you on every trip, whether it’s around the corner to the store or cross-country. Wheelchair or scooter lifts facilitate maximum mobility everywhere you go when your ability to get around is dependent on an assistive device.

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