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If you need to connect to learn more about your rights as a person with a disability, to take action, or just to network, Welcome to Our Links Menu.
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New Historical Link to Rare Newsreel Footage of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Activism Resources
Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”)
Amputation/Limb Loss or Differences
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (“ALS” or Lou Gehrig’s Disease)


Music Makes Connections

National Arts and Disability Center (NADC).The NADC’s mission is to promote the full inclusion of audiences and artists with disabilities into all facets of the arts community.!/pages/National-Arts-and-Disability-Center-NADC/166809634312?v=info&ref=ts

Rising Artists with Disabilities (RAD), a network of young artists with disabilities! This group allows you to network with other artists and other artists with disabilities, inform you on news, updates, events, and activities, and most important to increase communication within this community. 

TDF Accessibility Programs (TAP) The mission of the Theatre Development Fund (“TDF”) Accessibility Programs (TAP) is to increase access to theatre for all audiences. For theatregoers who are hard of hearing or deaf, low vision or blind, who cannot climb stairs, or who require aisle seating or wheelchair locations, TDF obtains special seating according to need.

Assisted Living Resources

Assistive Technology

LD Resources Foundation, Inc.

T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability at Mississippi State University
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Center for Disability Studies, Teaching All Students, Reaching All Learners Including Students With Disabilities as Diverse Learners 
Audiobooks and Information Technology Applications for Individuals with Visual Disabilities


The Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD)
Blind/Visually Impaired

American Foundation for the Blind

Blind Access Journal

“From Four Eyes to Four Legs,”  A Blog Journal of Useful Experiences for Those Considering Getting a Dog Guide, Information Resource on Vision-Loss Related Topics such as Assistance Organizations and Assistive Technologies, and Tips for Visually Impaired (“VI”)/Blind College Students

National Federation of the Blind
Bipolar Disorder
Brain Injury
Cerebral Palsy
Applying for Social Security Benefits with Cerebral Palsy
Colleges/Universities with Programs Catering to Students with Disabilities

Curry College

Landmark College

Gallaudet University
Fairleigh Dickinson University – Regional Center for College Students with Disabilities
Beacon College
List of Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities

Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing
Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Government (DHHIG) 

The Deaf Resource Library
National Association of the Deaf

Developmental Disabilities

Housing and Support in Loch Sheldrake, New York

Developmental Disabilities Association, Richmond, B.C., Canada

Duvall Home, Central Florida

Disability Community

Dyslexia Institute of Indiana

The International Dyslexia Association

Educational Consultants 

ABC Psychological Services

College Alley Consulting

Educational Avenues

Educational Resources for Students with Learning Disabilities and their Teachers


Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Foundation Northwest

Famous People with Disabilities
Federal Informative Resources (Statutes, agencies)

Inclusion Resources for People with Disabilities

Atlantis Independent Living Services, San Diego, CA

Internship/Educational Programs

College Internship Program (“CIP”) is a year-round residential program for young adults with Asperger’s and Learning Differences which focuses on social, executive functioning, academic, career and life skills. Students either attend college courses or enroll in the Career Skills Training and Employment Program (C-STEP) program.

IRS Accessible Tax Documents,,id=96151,00.html

Legal Resources for College Students with Disabilities

Media (Disability Focused)

Media (General College Focus)

Mental Disability Rights International (“MRDI”)

Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness – San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, CA

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy Assocation

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

Bed Sores in Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”)
Parkinson’s disease
Preparing for College
Protection and Advocacy Groups
National Disability Rights

Rehabilitation Services/Rehabilitation Counseling

Maryville University in conjunction with the Starkloff Disability Institute (“SDI”) in St. Louis, Missouri offer a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services, as well as a Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling.


Sensory Processing Disorder (“SPD”)

Service Animals

Dogs for Invisible Disabilities

Service Dogs America

Social Security Disability

The Social Security and Disability Resource Center

Spina bifida 
Spinal Cord Injuries

Christopher Reeve Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Foundation

Facing  For Families Facing Spinal Cord Injuries

Facing Disability is a web resource with more than 1,000 videos drawn from interviews of people with spinal cord injuries, their families, caregivers and experts.


National Spinal Cord Injury Association

SCITotal Fitness

Sports and Recreation

Adaptive Sports Association of Durango, Colorado

Camp Kennebec

Children’s Hemiplegia & Stroke Association

Disabled Sports USA

Wheelchair Hockey League of Michigan (“WCHL”)

Study Abroad/Exchange Programs
State Advocacy Groups

 Disability Rights North Carolina

Universal Design


University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Center for Disability Studies, Teaching All Students, Reaching All Learners Including Students With Disabilities as Diverse Learners

Veterans’ Resources

New Mexico Veterans Business Outreach Center

Web Resources for Assisting College Students with Disabilities



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