ActUpNYC – By Tiffany James, Founder and Teaching Artist of ActUpNYC

January 11, 2013


Act Up NYC is a specialized program for high-functioning special needs children. It is designed with a deep art therapy root providing special needs children an artistic outlet for their emotions and impulses.


Act Up NYC is for children who are already acting up in non-beneficial ways, providing them with a supplemental and alternative therapy so these children can explore conflict resolution and have an opportunity to tell their unique stories in a safe and fun space. The children explore basic acting games and warm ups, visual creative outlets, scene work, story acting, and monologue work. The goal is that under the guise of a character and a story the children will not only find a creative release for their emotions but also feel safe enough to open up about and act out conflicts that may provide insight for parents and counselors into the childs daily struggles.


Founder of Act Up NYC, Tiffany James created the company after working with a special needs child in a summer camp environment. She found that giving this child mastery over his own creative fate gave him the confidence to control himself and even reach out to other children which he hadn’t previously done. He is now regarded as a dear friend and client, as well as the inspiration for her project.


Tiffany James is a graduate of Wagner College who has performed and taught with many venues through out New York City including Galli’s Fairytale Theater, Kick&Play, Astoria Performing Arts Center, The Ascension School and Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center. Tiffany has also volunteered creative time leading therapeutic dramatic workshops to Ronald McDonald House and Sarah Burke House.


Once a week Tiffany holds a workshop for her children to work in a team environment in which they will explore conflict resolution group scene work and the team creation of an original story.


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Tiffany James